About the Prize

Leah Werry, Nanny Angel

Pitching a Winning Idea

The Astellas Oncology C3 Prize sparks new, innovative ways of caring for cancer patients.

It’s so important that there is a focus on finding cancer treatments, and, at the same time, holistically improving the lives of those impacted by cancer. Years ago, we founded the C3 Prize, a movement sparked by Astellas and sustained by the cancer community.

Nurturing grassroots ideas has resulted in incredible impact over the years. Our innovators have been able to help those battling cancer in ways we never would’ve imagined on our own.

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Fueling Winning Ideas

In 2019, the C3 Prize awarded four prizes totaling $200,000 in funds. Along with the funding, all winners had the opportunity to attend TEDMED 2020 as TEDMED Scholars, joining a unique, multidisciplinary community of leading thinkers and doers from across the landscape of health, medicine, and scientific innovation. The winners also received a yearlong complimentary membership to MATTER, a global healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator.

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