About the Prize

The Astellas Oncology C3 Prize sparks new, innovative ways of caring for cancer patients.

It’s so important that we focus on finding cancer treatments, and, at the same time, holistically improving the lives of those impacted by cancer. Years ago, we founded the C3 Prize, a movement sparked by Astellas and sustained by the cancer community.

Nurturing grassroots ideas has resulted in incredible impact over the years. Our innovators have been able to help those battling cancer in ways we never would’ve imagined on our own.

The C3 Prize is not just for tech applicants or complex solutions. We’re open to any idea that can have impact, even and especially if it’s simple.


In 2019, we identified three core challenges related to unmet needs: Cancer Care Journey, Cancer Health Disparities, and Cancer Survivorship. Applicants can submit their ideas in one of these three categories:

  • Cancer Care Journey | Ideas to help improve the patient experience, ease decision-making, and navigate everyday care.
  • Cancer Health Disparities | Ideas to reduce the unequal burden of cancer care, with a focus on tools and resources that reach underserved populations in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Cancer Survivorship | Ideas to address survivorship challenges and concerns.

About the 2019 C3 Prize

All applications, regardless of submission category, were considered for all prizes: Grand Prize, Innovation Prizes, and Emerging Ideas Prize. An expert judging panel selected three 2019 C3 Prize finalists and the Emerging Ideas Prize winner. Judges considered ideas for the Emerging Ideas Prize that had high potential impact for patients and caregivers but need additional work and cultivation before implementing, a first for the program.

All winners will be provided with access to tools and resources to help them develop and advance their idea. This year, we’ve increased the funds awarded to the following amounts:

  • 1 Grand Prize | $100,000 USD
  • 2 Innovation Prizes | $45,000 USD each
  • 1 Emerging Ideas Prize | $10,000 USD

All four winners have the opportunity to attend TEDMED 2020 as TEDMED Scholars, joining with a unique community of public health leaders, clinicians, researchers, scientists, influencers, and innovators from across the landscape of health, medicine, and scientific innovation. Each winner has also received a complimentary yearlong membership to MATTER, a global healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator.

Check back in 2020 for information about how to apply for the next C3 Prize. Some of our previous winners almost didn’t apply because they assumed they didn’t stand a chance – if you have an idea, we want to hear about it.

In the meantime, learn about the 2019 Winning Ideas.

Prize Details

Please see C3 Prize Terms & Conditions for a complete description of country-specific restrictions.

2019 FAQ

What if my idea falls into more than one category… or none of them?

Submissions must be entered into only one category.

We recommend selecting the category that you feel most closely aligns with your idea. Only one application per individual or team can be accepted.

When does the Astellas Oncology C3 Prize 2019 begin, and when will the winners be announced?

The entry period for the 2019 C3 Prize is now closed, and winners will be announced in October 2019.

Who is eligible to apply?

Please see Terms & Conditions.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Please see Terms & Conditions.

How do I apply?

The entry period for the 2019 C3 Prize is now closed. Check back for updates on 2019 winners and to apply for the 2020 C3 Prize.

How can the 2019 Astellas Oncology C3 Prize grant money be used?

The Astellas Oncology C3 Prize grant can be used to bring the winners' ideas to life. The winners will develop a project plan detailing how they intend to use their grant to help those impacted by cancer. The winners will also receive ongoing access to tools and resources to help them further develop and advance their idea.

What are the judging criteria?

Online forms, videos, and live presentations will be evaluated by the judges based on the following criteria:

Innovation Prize Evaluation Criteria

  • Feasibility of innovation, including ability of entrant to operationalize/implement the innovative idea for future application within six to 12 months of receiving the grant (40%)
  • Potential impact of innovation on people affected by cancer (40%)
  • Creativity and originality of innovation (10%)
  • Vision for sharing and socializing innovation across multiple audiences, to reach more people with this impactful idea/tool (10%)

Emerging Ideas Prize Evaluation Criteria

  • Potential impact of innovation on people affected by cancer (50%)
  • Creativity and originality of innovation (20%)
  • Feasibility of innovation (20%)
  • Vision for sharing and socializing innovation across multiple audiences, to reach more people with this impactful idea/tool (10%)

Can healthcare professionals apply for the C3 Prize?

Astellas is not permitted by the applicable laws and regulations to accept applications from healthcare professionals licensed to practice in the EU Member States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Norway, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, or Canada. Neither is Astellas permitted to accept applications submitted on behalf of associations of healthcare professionals established in these countries. Entrants in these countries must, therefore, be healthcare institutions established in accordance with and recognized by the applicable national laws.

Subject to the provisions of the Applicable Laws and Regulations, a healthcare professional is any member of the medical, dental, pharmacy or nursing professions or any other person who in the course of their professional activity may prescribe, purchase, supply or administer a medicinal product. Please see Terms & Conditions.